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2019-01-11 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda MARKFORGED

MARKFORGED: Meet Marko Madecki, Marketing Specialist at Markforged. ------------------ "When I interviewed [at Markforged], I got to play with all the 3D printed parts strewn around the office. I was struck by the impact of the technology and the passion that had led to its development. I typically spend most of my day in our marketing database, developing campaigns that allow people to experience our technology before they ever see a printer in person. I'm always looking to ensure that our marketing delivers value. Whether someone watches one of our webinars, requests a sample part, or begins a software trial, they're taking time out of their day. It's crucial that the experience we deliver is worth their time. " ------------------ Interested in joining the Markforged team? Click the link below. #3dprinting #boston #startup #innovation

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