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2019-02-08 - Aggiornamento dell'azienda MARKFORGED

MARKFORGED: Meet YQ, Senior Software Engineer at Markforged. ------------------ "When I joined the company, we were 50 people strong, and we recently just passed the 250 mark. Surviving that growth has required us to be laser-focused on sustainable workflows -- for example, making sure we documented everything that lived in people's heads (aka "tribal knowledge") as we doubled the team and onboarded new folks. Working on the slicer here at MF has been a dream come true for me. I folded a lot of origami growing up, which helped me build intuition about how to reason about 3D geometry. Joining the origami club at MIT as an undergrad exposed me to the depth of computational geometry theory and algorithms that have been developed. At MF we are constantly working to apply computational techniques in the slicer to improve the way parts print, whether that's speed, reliability or accuracy. We have an internal running list of geometries that are tricky to print, and it's always satisfying to chip away at that list with every slicer update." ------------------ Interested in joining the Markforged team? Check out our jobs page: